Dashboard Customization

When it comes to dashboards one-size does not fit all.

There are several options to customize your dashboard. Many of the options are built-in and automatically detects your SaaS business model.

Options in this article need to be activated separately – please contact support for getting them.

Change the weekly reporting day

Everyone’s week does not start on Sunday. If you have a strong weekly schedule and e.g. publish new marketing campaign every Wednesday, of course you want your weekly email reports and MRR Growth charts on Wednesdays.

You can have your week split at any weekday.

Merge plans with the same name and subscription length

So you like experimenting with price – that’s great. As long as the plan name and subscription length stays the same, can merge the plans.

No more missing metrics just because there are too few people in a plan!

See your multi-currency dashboard in USD

Is your bank account in EUR or GBP, but you only sell in USD?

Have your dashboard converted to USD. does report the effect of changing currency exhange rates, but why not eliminate that hassle altogether.