FirstOfficer Acquisition Announcement

March 8, 2022
2 Minutes

We’ve got some exciting news to share at FirstOfficer. I am pleased to announce that (myself) Mark Henderson and Ajay Sridharan have acquired FirstOfficer from Jaana Kulmala.

First off, I want to assure you that the product you love and use isn’t going anywhere. There are so many great features that Jaana was working on behind the scenes and I’m happy to say we are 100% committed to putting those features into your hands in the coming months.

Ajay and I want to thank Jaana for all the hard work she’s put into creating FirstOfficer. When it launched in 2014, it was a first of its kind product; and 6 years later, it continues to thrive. We have nothing but respect for the community and the product she’s created, and we are committed to carrying her vision forward.

We’d also like to pass along a message from her:

“Thank you for being an awesome customer! I’ve loved serving you and some of you have been onboard since the product launched. I really appreciate your trust, support and help in shaping the product during the years. FirstOfficer is now too big for me to run solo. It’s sad to leave, but it’s exciting too, because now FirstOfficer has a real chance for growth. Your feature wishes and improvement ideas are in the hands of the new owners and I hope you’ll see many of them implemented. I wish you all the best, Jaana”

We know many of you have a personal relationship with Jaana so if you’d like to send her a note feel free to do so at And if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns about FirstOfficer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to either Mark at

Thanks everyone and on behalf of Ajay and myself, we couldn’t be more excited to have acquired FirstOfficer 🙂

Mark Henderson & Ajay Sridharan

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