How to read the weekly email report

What is it?

The weekly report is an email that summarizes the prior weeks numbers.

When is it delivered?

Every Sunday, although the reporting weekday is customizable

Can I change the date?

Yes. Please see our article on dashboard customization

What do the symbols mean?

Green = better. 
Red = worse.
Upwards arrow = larger value than previously.
Downwards arrow = smaller value than previously.

For most metrics, like revenue & MRR, bigger value is better:

For churn rate, smaller value is better:

Metrics from the previous 7 days

In this section all numbers are compared to the same numbers from a week ago.

Revenue Metric

Revenue from the last 7 days. The days included are shown in gray.

Revenue Normalized

Normalized subscription revenue and single purchases from the last 7 days.

New RR

Normalized subscription revenue from new customers during the last 7 days.

Renew RR

Old customers’ contribution to normalized subscription revenue during the last 7 days. May contain revenue that was not charged this week (due to prepayments). Includes upgrades and downgrades.

Metrics from previous 30 days

These rolling metrics are calculated using a 30 day period and they cannot be compared week-to-week. They only show trend changes in monthly performance. Numbers are compared to the same numbers from 30 days ago. For example, if the reporting period was July 11th to August 9th, the numbers are compared to period June 11th to July 10th.


Revenue from the last 30 days. The days included are shown in grey.


Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR), also called monthly normalized subscription revenue.


Average recurring revenue per user subscription during the last 30 days. Includes all customers who contributed recurring revenue. Net MRR Churn Rate The percentual loss of recurring revenue as it existed 30 days ago. Includes losses, downgrades and upgrades, but not new MRR. Net churn rates are not normalized.

About the calculations

Any refunds and discounts affecting the reporting period are taken into account. All the metrics are in UTC time.


When your business is small, changes in numbers may cause large percentual changes. So don’t sweat about the changes – fluctuations are normal.

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