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Professional stripe analytics,for SaaS businesses.

Dig deeper into your Stripe analytics and see why your SaaS startup is growing the way it is. Explore views that are designed to highlight the information you need for optimal business growth. Let FirstOfficer deliver the data that really counts. Say goodbye to uncertainty and say hello to your new in-house data analyst.

Not Just Another Stripe Analytics Service

With 10+ years of experience in visualizing subscription data,
we’re helping startups understand growth, by uncovering data that matters.

Say Goodbye to Rolling Stats.

Basing your startups figures on a rolling 30 day period can give you hugely fluctuating data. FirstOfficer makes sure you get real numbers by working to a monthly schedule.

Get Investor Love

Hard data is the key to showing investors that you're worth their time. Which is why we don't candy coat what you need to see. Say goodbye to Vanity Metrics, and hello to no-fluff data.

Say Hello to FirstOfficer

FirstOfficer portrays complex information in a very simple way, letting you see the real numbers and reasons behind those numbers.The next level of insights is just a click away.

Analysing data from over 3,491,609 payments…and counting.

Your Personal Data Analyst

Digging deep, where it counts…

Understand your Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)

FirstOfficer doesn't just show you New, Lost, Expansion & Contraction MRR, it let's you drill deep into those numbers. Dive in and see the customers in each of those groups. You’ll have more than enough detail to truly understand WHY your numbers are moving in the direction they are.

Mrr mobile
Life time value Life time value tablet

Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV)

If you don’t know how much a customer is worth, you’re in trouble. Knowing your customers' worth is the key to profitable growth, but CLTV is the hardest metric to get right.

FirstOfficer accurately displays CLTVs for all of your plans, it even lets you dig into values of lost customers (Total Contract Value, TCV).

Life time value mobile

Churn rates, in all their glory!

Nobody likes churn, but better the devil you know! FirstOfficer lets you easily find trends and compare performance between your plans. View just one metric or compare them all at once. We won’t hold back any data!

And when churn rates aren't enough, cohort retention charts will make it clear if your customers are becoming happier...or not.

Churn mobile
Weekly reports Weekly reports tablet

Weekly Reports

We appreciate that running a business takes time, which is why we send your most significant data straight to your inbox. Rolling metrics will help you quickly see if the trends are turning.

Have some fun with your numbers.

Weekly reports mobile

Do your numbers keep you awake at night?

Here are some of the metrics we’ll crunch to help you sleep soundly.

  • Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)
  • Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR)
  • New MRR
  • Lost MRR
  • Upgrade MRR / Downgrade MRR
  • Expansion MRR
  • Contraction MRR
  • Volume/Seat/Quantity Changes
  • Subscription Counts for each MRR category
  • Prepaid MRR (Deferred Revenue)
  • Growth Ceiling
  • Customer Life-Time Value (CLTV)
  • Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
  • Revenue
  • Discounts
  • Refunds
  • Gross Sales
  • Monthly Subscription Churn %
  • Monthly MRR Churn %
  • Net MRR Churn %
  • Monthly Cohort Retention
  • Cohort Retention Trends
  • Involuntary Churn
  • Average Total Contract Value (TCV) of Lost Customers
  • Per-plan MRR
  • Per-plan Subscription Count
  • Per-plan Customer Life-Time Value (CLTV)
  • Per-plan Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)
  • Per-plan Monthly Subscription Churn %
  • Per-plan Monthly MRR Churn %
  • Per-plan Net MRR Churn %
  • Per-plan MRR Growth

Plans and Pricing

All plans come with a free 30 day trial and email support. Cancel at any time.

$29/ mo
$29/ mo
  • Up to 250 customers
  • Weekly reports
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$149/ mo
$149/ mo
  • Up to 2,500 customers
  • Weekly email reports
  • Invite Team Members
  • Import non-Stripe Payments
  • Cohort Retention
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$249/ mo
$249/ mo
  • Up to 5,000 customers
  • Weekly email reports
  • Invite Team Members
  • Import non-Stripe Payments
  • Cohort Retention
  • Custom CSV Exports (by request)
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Enterprise Lite
$349/ mo
$349/ mo
  • Up to 10,000 customers
  • Weekly email reports
  • Invite Team Members
  • Import non-Stripe Payments
  • Cohort Retention
  • Custom CSV Exports (by request)
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Enterprise Elite
$699/ mo
$699/ mo
  • Up to 30,000 customers
  • Weekly email reports
  • Invite Team Members
  • Import non-Stripe Payments
  • Cohort Retention
  • Custom CSV Exports (by request)
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Common questions about FirstOfficer

Do I have enough customers to benefit from FirstOfficer?

25-50 customers is enough to start up following the basic metrics. With 100+ customers you'll start to really benefit from percentage-based metrics. When you reach 50-100 new customers per month, you can start using cohorts, the truly powerful stuff!

Do you work with third-party subscription plugins?

Not as yet. We’re focused on Stripe businesses. If the Stripe subscription feature is not used, can't recognize the subscriptions from single payments.

What happens if I outgrow a plan?

If you outgrow your current plan, and we’re sure you will, you can upgrade to the next without any problems.

Do you offer yearly plans?

Yes. Signup for the plan of your choice and we can manually switch you to a yearly plan. All yearly plans come with 2 free months.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes. All plans come with a 30 day free trial. You will not be charged during this period and you can cancel at any time during this period.

Am I tied to a contract?

No. FirstOfficer is a monthly subscription service and as such can be cancelled at any time.

Is my data safe with FirstOfficer?

Absolutely. All data is handled over a secure 128-bit SSL connection. FirstOfficer has read-only access to your Stripe account. We never share data with any external parties.

I have another question! How do I contact you?

Write an email to and I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.